If there was a way to increase your chances of fitness success, would you be interested? How about highly skilled and knowledgable trainers to lead and support you to achieve you fitness goals? What about an environment that made working out more fun with a community to keep you accountable and motivated?



Constantly VARIED, high intensity

At CFBS, our workouts are varied daily to push you to work hard and reach your fitness goals. These workouts are designed to challenge you both physically and mentally.  Constantly changing workouts are the backbone of our comprehensive fitness program. 


Group Line Coach Photo.jpg


Our Certified Trainers have over 20 years of fitness coaching experience combined. We pride ourselves on our strict emphasis on mechanics and safety. Our trainers are continuously studying the science of fitness and acquire new certification yearly to provide the most knowledgable experience to our athletes. You will be instructed through every minute of every class. We write the program, you do the work. 



It's not just a gym, it is a family.  Our class motto is "Start together, finish together."  From day one you will be invited into the community, supported inside and outside the gym.  Our strong community is the secret to long term success.  Working out with others increases your fitness success through accountability, support and a little healthy competition. 

CrossFit Blarney Stone is my happy place. I look forward to working out here everyday. The coaches, Shana, Shandra, Maria and Ryann are knowledgeable with all aspects of CrossFit. They encourage me to work to my full potential. Best decision I made four years ago to join. I highly recommend CrossFit Blarney Stone!!
— Susan L.
For about 20+ years of my life I had tried every workout the media threw out there. From step aerobics to kickboxing, to Zumba, to random gym memberships where everyone walked around and gossiped or stared at themselves in the mirror more than actually working out. None of these places motivated me or taught me how to become the best version of myself. The coaches at CrossFit Blarney Stone genuinely want to see you succeed in reaching your fitness goals and they are intense in making sure you learn every movement the correct way. They are very knowledgeable and they make you feel like you are receiving personal training even though you are in a class setting. You will not find that anywhere else. I’ve seen such positive changes in myself physically and mentally thanks to this place! Blarney Stone saved me when I was at my all time lowest. I look forward to working out everyday. I highly recommend CFBS!!
— Patti D.

I give CrossFit Blarney Stone five stars!!! I’ve never been surrounded by so many supportive people when first starting a new workout! I absolutely love it here and I’m so glad I decided to join.
— Lisa M.
In February I gave CrossFit a shot. I love it! This type of training is different, it’s bigger than any one individual. I think it’s the sense of being part of a team that makes it so special. It’s hard work and all the coaches push each athlete to be the best version of themselves. It’s the hardest most rewarding hour of the day.
— Betheny C.
Since joining CrossFit Blarney Stone I have added fifty pounds on to my Back Squat.
— Joey C.



At CrossFit Blarney Stone we build strong athletes through our strong community, and serious results through a structured program all while creating a fun environment to make this the best hour of your day. Our goal is to make your life better through fitness and community.  Our programming is designed to increase the quality of your life through functional movements, movements like the squat (getting off the couch) or the deadlifts (picking things off the floor).    



Our Facility


We have a 3,000 square foot facility, equipped with all the latest CrossFit equipment.  As the fitness world evolves so does our equipment. We are constantly updating our facility to accommodate the evolution of the Sport of CrossFit. You will never get bored with our workouts.  We use barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, slam balls, battle ropes, sleds, assault bikes, rowers and, of course, your body.